Gloo's Membership Extensions is all about you and your site members' needs

Gloo's Membership Extensions is all about you and your site members' needs

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Membership Extensions brings new ways to create membership websites with WordPress and Elementor.

Membership Extensions is a great toolbox if you’re working with Wishlist, LearnDash and beyond. Explore its features to take user data handling to the next level.

These famous membership plugins are used for a reason. But if you've ever felt like you could do more with the data they generate, to better integrate it in your Elementor design and development workflows on your WordPress website, then you will know why Gloo has chosen to focus an entire collection of features on membership extensions.

Membership Extensions' Dynamic Tags.

Dynamic Tags are just about the best ways to fetch data that gets processed by your favorite plugins but cannot really be accessed otherwise when and where you'd want to. Let Gloo do the heavy lifting for you as it gets the data and feeds it exactly where you tell it to.

If you're working with LearnDash, this pair of tags will make your life easier:

Current Page Membership Level

Current User Membership Level

As you can already imagine, you can use these two tags to compare them with one another and restrict or grant access of certain pages to specific users according to their membership levels. Or you can use them to craft a personalized call to action to upgrade one's membership.

On top of that, when working with LearnDash and WooCommerce you sometimes need to return the Related Course of a specific WooCommerce product (The Course).

With the WooCommerce Related Courses Tag, you can do exactly that.

AffliateWP support.

Working with AffiliateWP? Gloo's AffiliateWP Dynamic Tag is capable of catching all of those Affiliate Fields this plugin generates and outputting them whenever you might need them, outside or inside the Affiliate Area itself, opening up customizing options on any page you’d like to showcase this data.

User Agent Data.

Gloo's User Agent Data Dynamic Tags has more than one application. It allows you to limit, per user, the number of devices that a user may log in with. This might be accomplished by either limiting the actual login or utilizing Dynamic Visibility to conceal parts of your site based on the user's current session. Learn more about this tag here.

Get started with Membership Extensions here!

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